Navigating the Un-Fight

I’m in one heck of a crazy year, season…life.  Between my daughter flipping her truck and breaking her neck and spine in January, turning 18 in February and graduating in May, my son announcing plans of relocating to another state, my husband getting a new job (which he doesn’t enjoy) that is causing him to travel more and more (which came close to destroying our marriage last time) and seeing my original littles at the elementary school move on to middle school, I am an emotional wreck.  Did I mention PTSD and menopause? The Lord seems to have me at the end of my rope.

And although I KNOW the lesson.  I just can’t seem to LEARN the lesson.

I will spare you the gory details and cut to the chase, the fight, the plan.  Apparently, it looks more like the sit, the stand, and the wait.   SERIOUSLY, GOD?!?   I’m a mom and a wife.  We don’t wait around for things to happen.  We forcast, plan, and schedule.  Ever see what happens when someone hurts one of our little darlings?  We come out SWINGING.  We protect, we hold vigils, and we are in motion.    We sport wonder woman bracelets, ready to ward off all that would threaten our worlds.  We love our accessories.

My scripture message from the Lord this morning was in 2 Chronicles 20.   Jehoshaphat was completely overwhelmed. He told the Lord that he and the Israelites were powerless against the great horde coming against them and they didn’t know what to do, but…get this… “Our eyes are on You.”   Just then the Spirit of the Lord came upon Zechariah’s son and gave the people this message:  DON’T BE AFRAID OR DISMAYED AT THIS GREAT HORDE, FOR THE BATTLE IS GOD’S, NOT YOURS.  TOMORROW, GO DOWN AGAINST THEM.  YOU WILL NOT NEED TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE. STAND FIRM. HOLD YOUR POSITION, AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD ON YOUR BEHALF.

He repeats that they need to go out against the great horde and that He, the LORD will be with them.   In the end, they believed, and sang and praised as they marched in, and as they sang, the Lord set ambushes, and their enemies destroyed themselves!   Israel ended up getting a ton of great stuff; too much to carry.  And in the very end, verse 30, it says the kingdom of  Jehoshaphat was at peace, for his God gave him rest on all sides.

I don’t know about you, but my heart needs peace, and the hope of rest on all sides? Yes, Father, please… I don’t know the elements of the great horde you may be facing.  But we all face them sooner or later, and God promises to fight the battle for us.  Would you pray for me in this Un-Fight?    Because it is the toughest fight of my life.

It apparently goes like this:  Believe.  Enter in. Worship. Praise. Stand Still.