October Book Spotlight


So excited to share these little books with you. They are perfect for the fall season and a great way to get conversations going with your little ones.

The first one is ‘a Pumpkin Prayer’ by Amy Parker and the second is, ‘The Pumpkin Patch Parable,’ by Liz Curtis Higgs.

Below are links to purchase on amazon or you can find them in the Gibson City Bible Church library.

A Pumpkin Prayer

The Pumpkin Patch Parable

*Please grant grace for my hair in this video…. 🙂


Teaching a False Gospel

When I see articles with the ‘shock and awe’ titles I always try and stay away. It’s probably the little bit of childhood rebellion I have left in me that makes me say, ‘If you want me to look I am NOT going to. I make my own choices.’  But this one caught my attention for different reason, not because I was afraid (which I think the title tries to make you), but because I myself came from a childhood where I was taught false things about the Bible. So this is not a ‘do better parenting’ post; rather, it is a charge to be more aware.The author, Phil Vischer, says that there are three things we need to be doing better as parents, and that is to help our kids:

  • Understand the Story they are in
  • Understand the Bad News of that Story
  • Understand the Good News of that Story

In the post Phil goes in depth about each of these three things so I challenge you to read and think on these.

Are you teaching your kids a false gospel

P.s. For those of you who may not be aware, Phil Vischer is the creator of Veggie Tales –Just a fun fact.


Auntie Em!

This sure looks like a blog for young parents.  But most assuredly, I tell you, it is so much more!  My personal objective for this blog is to be encouraging to ANYONE who has a kid in their sphere of influence. Did you ever stop to think of what Dorothy would have turned out to be had her aunt not taken her in? You and I are the aunts, grandmas, and the cat lady next door. We are teachers, sisters, and wives. I believe being a woman is an incredibly high calling, and more than anything, we are all in this together.  And that, my dear, is the whole point.  You don’t have to be a mom to read, or contribute to this conversation.

And I do hope you will contribute.  I want to hear your heart!

My hope is to build up wives because the environment of our marriages (or divorces) is a giant petri dish containing our children’s hearts.  I want to share my failures as much as my successes.  I’m going to share articles  to encourage an open dialog about the Word of God. I hope you’ll join me as I share ideas about serving God in the way we live our lives as women, wives, and mothers.  When it’s all said and done , my aim is to bless your heart and glorify God.



The Heart of the Matter

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

What a charge.

What pressure!

That verse strikes excitement and fear within me as a parent. Something that the Lord has placed on our hearts is that when training a child we must consider the heart, for in speaking to the heart of the matter over issues themselves, we are able to reach deeper and speak louder than any training one could give. We are dealing with little people here — created just like us with desires, dreams, and hearts that feel, sometimes more than we take into account.

It is not always the fastest way to parent, or the easiest, or the most fun. But it is a way that reaches them the deepest. I encourage you to train up the heart, not just the child. To seek those moments that will resonate to when they are old. They are listening and learning constantly, let’s lead them in the way they should go. But let’s do it through the grace and hope we have come to know through our Savior.

We hope that the posts you see here, the articles we highlight, or books we spotlight prove to be useful resources as you train that little heart you have at home. Though we ourselves have yet to figure this whole parenting thing out, it is our desire to to be a place of encouragement and support as you continue your parenting journey.

My Story-Danielle

Blessed assurance….Jesus is mine…

Oh how these words have become the anthem to my story. My childhood was filled with anxiety and then self-worth issues as I entered into my teen years, but in the midst of these struggles, something always remained constant: my assurance in Christ. Even if I didn’t fully understand it or know how to rest in the peace of it, I knew that Jesus was mine and I was his. Blessed assurance. Amidst the fears, unanswered questions, negativity, and other difficulties I faced in life, I was able to cling to those words. This assurance was something that I did not question, oddly enough, but it gave me something to rely on. It was how I could talk myself out of a spiral of anxiety, even if it took days or weeks. Having that truth as a constant in my life is what continues to carry me through life. I see my story as a constant reminder that every story needs Jesus, and I truly believe with Jesus we can face anything. Our kids need people listening to their stories in the good and the bad and leading them to the cross.

I came to know Christ at a young age, and because of that, I find myself drawn to children’s ministry, to parenting, to working with kids, etc. As I sensed God leading me to children’s ministry, I enrolled in Liberty University pursued a degree in that very thing. In 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Religion with an emphasis in children’s ministry. I married in 2011 and am now mother two (ages 3 and almost 2). Along with parenting them I serve as the children’s ministry coordinator at the Gibson City Bible Church. Leading my kids and establishing events and programs that lead children to this blessed assurance has become my hearts cry. On this blog I hope to highlight articles, books, and other thoughts that I have found helpful in shepherding my kids hearts and softening my sometimes overwhelmed momma heart.

What is your story? What truth have you clung to in times of trouble and joy? I would be honored to share in your story as you have now read a brief piece of mine 🙂