It’s not about the Show

It’s not about the Show

In this article Phil Vischer reflects on what changed his life as a child. You might know I have a deep appreciation for Phil Vischer and I would love to tell you why, but it is too long for a brief post. Much bigger than my appreciation for the work Phil has done with children’s ministry is my gratefulness to work at a church, and have my children growing in a church that encompasses this very articles theme.

Phil writes, “As I look back, I realize none of the things that actually changed my life at my church cost anything at all. They required no money. No resources. No fancy buildings, fancy equipment, or fancy intentions. They simply required people showing up and being the body of Christ. Loving on a young boy with a limp.”

I am not trying to be prideful or even say our church has it all together because the reality is that no church does. BUT I can say with all boldness that each program and event we set into place we fill with volunteers who truly love God and out of that love, love your children. I see such importance in creating environments where kids feel loved, known, and taught the truth of Christ. So please read his reflections because they are much more eloquent than if I were to continue to ramble, and just know it is not about the money, or the ‘funnest’ events it is about the relationships. And I challenge you to reflect on your own spiritual growth and think about the ‘who’s’ and the ‘what’s’  that shaped it. I bet you will find more people than programs.

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October Book Spotlight


So excited to share these little books with you. They are perfect for the fall season and a great way to get conversations going with your little ones.

The first one is ‘a Pumpkin Prayer’ by Amy Parker and the second is, ‘The Pumpkin Patch Parable,’ by Liz Curtis Higgs.

Below are links to purchase on amazon or you can find them in the Gibson City Bible Church library.

A Pumpkin Prayer

The Pumpkin Patch Parable

*Please grant grace for my hair in this video…. 🙂

Teaching a False Gospel

When I see articles with the ‘shock and awe’ titles I always try and stay away. It’s probably the little bit of childhood rebellion I have left in me that makes me say, ‘If you want me to look I am NOT going to. I make my own choices.’  But this one caught my attention for different reason, not because I was afraid (which I think the title tries to make you), but because I myself came from a childhood where I was taught false things about the Bible. So this is not a ‘do better parenting’ post; rather, it is a charge to be more aware.The author, Phil Vischer, says that there are three things we need to be doing better as parents, and that is to help our kids:

  • Understand the Story they are in
  • Understand the Bad News of that Story
  • Understand the Good News of that Story

In the post Phil goes in depth about each of these three things so I challenge you to read and think on these.

Are you teaching your kids a false gospel

P.s. For those of you who may not be aware, Phil Vischer is the creator of Veggie Tales –Just a fun fact.